Why Invest In An LED Poster Sign? - Order A Custom Light-Up Sign | LED Digital Poster Signs

Why Invest In An LED Digital Poster For Your Business?

  • Our lighted business signs are up to 68-percent transparent — that means the natural sunlight will filter in and customers can still see through the digital poster from the inside of your store. Try that with a normal poster or banner!
  • These custom light-up signs have central control capabilities, meaning that one or more signs in the same or different locations can be controlled remotely via the cloud, WI-FI, or by inserting a USB stick drive.
  • The possibilities are endless! Create custom content for your business, and on your schedule. Whether that means tasty breakfast specials in the morning that can automatically change to lunch specials in the afternoon or a seasonal deal you're running this month, you have the freedom to advertise how you want, when you want! Need to unload some excess inventory? How about running a one-hour flash sale on your new lighted business signs!
  • There's no need to purchase paper signs or banners, which turn yellow and get torn over time. There's also no need to wait for the signs to be printed and shipped — your digital posters are durable, long-lasting, and can be instantly updated with the click of a button!
  • LED poster signs are commercial grade, so they are made to be seen. Customers will be able to see the message on your custom light sign, even in direct sunlight! Additionally, sunlight will not damage these signs like it would an ordinary LCD TV.
  • 19 percent of consumers stated they have made impulse purchases because they saw something advertised on a digital poster — that's one out of five people! 68% of all in-store purchases are impulse-driven.
  • Research from Russell R. Mueller suggests that a well-planned hotspot can increase sales by 229 percent. Hotspots are the areas of your store that get the most traffic and are the most visible, which make the perfect location for a lighted business sign.
  • You can make money with your poster sign! Get paid advertising fees or co-op money from your vendors/suppliers to offset the expense of advertising with a digital poster in your storefront window.
  • 27 percent of paper posters and banners sent out to stores from corporate offices don't even get hung up. They go missing, are delivered late, or stay rolled up due to laziness. Our custom LED light signs are easy to install and update, so switching up your message isn't a hassle!
  • The content on these digital posters is customizable for any language, which helps you reach your target audience.
  • Digital displays capture 400 percent more views than static displays, and they have a 47.7-percent effectiveness on brand awareness. For corporate communicators, this means their messages reach a wider audience while also reinforcing the brand.
  • The screen life expectancy of LED poster signs is higher than 100,000 hours, and the LED strips can be replaced quickly and easily if needed without replacing the entire digital poster. Repairs can also be done in just minutes at a very low cost.
  • You own the content on your digital poster! This means that you control the message at the lowest cost per exposure. Plus, your message captures the attention of nearly 100 percent of the traffic passing by. See immediate results that translate into benefits: sales, action, behavior, and enthusiasm for your brand.
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