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About Our LED Digital Poster Sign Company


Founded in 2011, NEXNOVO TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first transparent LED digital poster display. The company holds over 30 patents on its transparent LED light-up signs and strives to continue to be the leader in innovation, R&D, production, and sales of transparent LED displays.

The NEXNOVO XT model is designed for a wide range of commercial applications, such as retail store windows, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, auto dealers, banks, trade shows, events, festivals, and many others. These custom light-up signs have a precise pixel pitch ranging from 2.5mm to 5mm, a brightness of 6000 units, and three convenient sizes, making them an innovative and versatile digital poster for any size business.

With continuous effort on product development, NEXNOVO designs digital poster products that are easy to use, lightweight, user-friendly, durable, energy-efficient, and aesthetically appealing. NEXNOVO commercial sign products have been by far the clearest and brightest transparent LED display in the world. 

Our clients include brands like Lamborghini, Land Rover, ZARA, McDonalds, Dunkin Donuts, KFC, Blue Shore Financial, Hyundai, Primark, 7-11, and many more! 

Storefront windows play an important role in commercial advertising — they are the first thing your customers see when driving by or approaching your business. Your windows showcase your products, promote particular items or sales, display store hours, and attract customers to visit your business. The future of shop window design is more dynamic and diverse than ever, and if done properly, it is the most cost-effective way to connect with customers, increase sales, and build brand loyalty. NEXNOVO is the leading digital signage company to date, with customizable poster screens that are bright, captivating, and can be seen in broad daylight. 

NEXNOVO's transparent LED poster signs not only attract customers, but they do so in an elegant and eye-catching fashion that properly balances the natural lighting and store décor. They are available in three convenient sizes, and are lightweight, user-friendly, energy-efficient, durable, and aesthetically pleasing. Unlike paper posters and neon bar signs, these LED light-up signs can be updated instantly with a few clicks from your computer or wirelessly from a tablet or smartphone.

Our LED poster signs are commercial grade and are expected to last over 100,000 hours! They are six times brighter than typical LCD TV screens and are visible even in direct sunlight. As opposed to LCD TV screens and other kinds of lighted business signs, the sun will NOT damage our LED digital posters. Rather, these LED poster signs are highly visible in the dark and continue to advertise into the nighttime hours.

LED transparent poster signs are the FUTURE of the retail store window!

Let us show you how NEXNOVO Technologies and its products bring real competitive advantages to the sales, marketing, and branding of your business.
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