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LED Digital Poster Sign FAQ

 Are there any tax benefits for owning an LED digital poster?

Yes! According to section 179 benefits, businesses can write off depreciation over time on new equipment or qualifying purchases, such as lighted business signs. Here's how this translates to savings for your company:
Let's say you invest $3,000.00 into a new transparent LED light-up sign for your business this year. Your total first-year deduction is the full amount — $3,000.00. Assuming a 32-percent tax bracket, this would give you a cash savings of $960.00 and effectively lower the cost of your digital poster investment to $2,040.00.

How else can I make money with an LED light-up sign?

Besides the obvious ways of increasing sales, attracting new customers, showcasing new products, and building brand awareness, many LED poster sign owners also receive co-op advertising money from their vendors and suppliers for “featuring” products on their digital posters.

For example, let’s say you featured five products on your digital posters over the course of a month (and you were still displaying all the other things you wanted to advertise). If you received $50 per product from your vendors, you would make $250 for that month. So, for just five featured products per month, you could profit $3,000 for the year!

How many customers will see my lighted business sign each day?

Well, that is a tough question. It all depends on how busy your street is, but just think about how many people walk and drive past your store each day. Those are ALL potential new customers that will be seeing your digital poster sign!

What are LEDs?

LED is short for light-emitting diode. Digital LED screens are made from many smaller light-emitting diodes that are placed close together to form a digital poster. Each LED emits three colors – red, green and blue – which together light up as needed to create a range of colors. The colors combine to create an image, which you can customize and animate on your lighted business sign.

What is a pixel?

A pixel is the diminutive for picture element. Pixels are points of light that illuminate at the same time to form letters, words, animations, and videos. A pixel can be formed from one or more LEDs of the same color or from several different colors. A pixel is the smallest element of a LED screen (or LED wall), which can be individually monitored. Pixels can be switched off or on at different intensity levels on your custom light-up sign. 

How are LEDs different from LCDs?

While traditional LCD (liquid crystal display) window screens are typically used inside, LEDs are effective in practically any environment. LED technology is what you see in outdoor sporting arenas, and many of the biggest event spaces are switching to transparent LED digital posters.

These LED light-up signs are designed to remain bright and visible even in direct sunlight. Unlike LCD screens, they are extremely durable, and they don’t need back light to work like an LCD screen would. Please note: LED poster signs are designed for indoor use only, and are most commonly used in storefront windows.

What is pixel pitch?

Pixel pitch is the distance between the center of an LED and the LED next to it. The smaller the pixel pitch, the better the resolution and picture quality of the LED.

What can LED light-up signs be used for?

LED screens can be used for practically anything. Just about any image or video can be shown on them, including those in jpg, png, mov, wmv, and mp4 formats. This creates endless possibilities for your company's custom light signs! Of course, higher quality pictures or videos give you a higher quality result.

Which LED poster sign is best for me?

Choosing a digital poster sign is not difficult. First, decide which poster size fits best in your window or application. Next, decide how far away your typical audience will be. If you are still not sure which lighted business sign to choose, just give us a call and we will help you make the best decision.

How does the viewing angle affect the image quality?

Viewing angles for all of our LED posters is 160 degrees, so if you are standing anywhere in front of the screen, you will be able to see the content.

How are LED digital poster displays better than video projectors?

Video projectors often seem like an easier and cheaper solution, but they don’t display the same quality image or the same brightness, and they can’t adapt to any context like innovative LED digital posters do.

What is the resolution of a LED poster sign display?

The name LED is an abbreviation for light-emitting diode. LED light-up signs, or large screens, are made of so-called light-emitting diodes. LED screens used to be manufactured with three small LEDs of different colors (red, green, and blue), all gathered to create what we call a pixel. It is the combination of those three colors that allows technology to create millions of colors and details on lighted business signs.
Nowadays, technology has advanced, and we can use one SMD (surface-mount device) that combines the three colors by itself and replaces the three lights. This SMD is more precise and allows for a better-quality image, even from a close distance. The resolution of a custom light-up sign is nothing but the number of pixels present on each square meter.

How is the viewing angle an important asset of an LED digital poster?

The image perception of an LED poster sign is influenced by the distance between the viewer and the screen. As a rule of thumb, the ideal viewing distance is 1.5x the pixel pitch in meters. So, in a 12mm pixel pitch screen, it is 18 meters. At this distance, the human eye (or brain) no longer sees individual pixels, but rather the whole picture. Of course, you can get closer (and certainly further away) while watching the screen. Go closer to the screen and the pixels will become increasingly evident, but the image will long remain acceptable.

The viewing angle of an LED light-up sign is generally understood as, “How far a viewer to either side of a screen can move and still see the same brightness." It is often spoken about “readability,” while the viewing angle only has to do with the brightness of the digital poster.

The viewing angles for an LED display are measured horizontally and vertically, and they indicate over what range the images on the LED screen are fully visible without the screen displaying a negative image. The LED industry defines viewing angle as the full angle at which brightness is half of the brightness from dead center.

What warranties does your commercial sign company offer?

Our LED digital posters are made for commercial use, and they are tested and expected to be operated every day. 100,000 hours of use is not a problem for these signs, and many businesses get even more hours out of them. Our warranty policy covers manufacturer defects or failures for one year. We reserve the right to fix, repair, or replace any defective digital poster sign or part.

One of the main benefits of our lighted business signs is that they are modular, which means that if a section of LEDs is defective, it is very easy to remove that section and replace it. Please understand that if a poster has been tampered with, unassembled, repaired by an unauthorized agent, or altered in any way, the warranty is void.

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