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Welcome To LED Poster Signs

Welcome to the LED Poster Signs blog! We plan on using this space to share helpful information about our digital posters, as well as how you can use them to grow your business via storefront window advertising. LED Poster Signs is a preferred distributor of the world’s first transparent LED digital poster display, and we’ve provided businesses all over the nation with lighted business signs to help them attract customers. That being said, here is a little more information about our digital signage company!

About LED Poster Signs

LED Poster Signs is a commercial sign company that offers the best custom light-up signs for businesses of all kinds. Our product is made by NEXNOVO, a leader in transparent digital poster sign technology. Together, we’re helping businesses advertise, increase brand recognizability, attract customers, and ultimately make more money. It’s all part of our mission to provide business owners with the tools they need to get a solid return on investment for their company.

At this point, you might be wondering why you should consider investing in an LED light-up sign for your business. First of all, these lighted business signs are up to 68-percent transparent, meaning that they can be seen in broad daylight while still letting natural sunlight into your establishment. This eliminates the need for paper posters and bulky digital posters that block out your windows, not to mention that our LED poster signs are also completely customizable so you can add your own unique content.

In addition to their transparent yet captivating display, these customizable digital posters also capture the attention of everyone walking by or driving past your business. In fact, 19 percent of consumers say they have made an impulse buy after seeing something advertised on a digital poster, and that 68 percent of in-store purchases are driven by impulse buys. Place these custom light signs in your storefront window and capture 400 percent more views than traditional, static displays, increasing your brand awareness and getting new customers in the door.

About Our Digital Poster Signs

In addition to being transparent, our LED poster signs are also incredibly bright and attractive. When you order a digital poster sign from our LED sign company, you own the sign and have the freedom to create any content you want to upload to your digital poster. The process of uploading content is easy — with the click of a button, you can upload photos, videos, animations, and other engaging material to your lighted business sign. Plus, you can control the content remotely via the cloud, WI-FI, or simply by inserting a USB stick drive. Storefront advertising has never been this easy!

Take Business Advertising To The Next Level With An LED Poster Sign

Are you ready to ditch those paper posters and clinky digital poster displays? Our LED poster signs are bright, energy-efficient, and long-lasting, making them a solid investment for business owners who are looking to increase brand awareness and attract more customers into their store. Whether you’re advertising a seasonal special, a BOGO sale, or an upcoming event, our lighted business signs allow you to do so in the most captivating and technologically advanced way possible. Shop our custom LED light signs online!

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