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Benefits Of LED Display Screens

In today’s world, customers are bombarded with advertisements everywhere they go — their Facebook feed is flooded with ads of recently viewed products, their favorite music and TV shows are interrupted by ads on Spotify and Hulu, and their daily commute is clouded by billboards and digital signage. Given that people are constantly exposed to advertisements, they are becoming more desensitized to this type of content, and many of them don’t even notice ads anymore unless they are irritating or intense. This creates a need for businesses to utilize the latest technology and creative advertising techniques to draw in new customers, and that just isn’t possible with paper posters.

So how do you advertise effectively in the digital world? By investing in an LED digital poster with a transparent display and vivid graphics. Here are some of the main benefits of LED poster signs for your storefront window:

Visually Captivating

The most obvious benefit of transparent digital poster displays is that they are visually captivating. NEXNOVO’s XT Series is a prime example of this, with a high resolution display that is vibrant, animated, and easy to see even in the bright afternoon sun. These digital posters are great for storefront windows due to their 68% transparency, which allows natural light to filter into your establishment without reflecting off your LED display screen.

When customers pass by your LED light up sign, they’ll have no choice but to notice the vibrant display, which is unlike any other form of advertising. As opposed to dull paper signs and digital poster signs with zero transparency, these lighted business signs are dynamic and visually interesting. They can display static or animated content, creating a sophisticated look that is sure to catch the eye of potential customers passing by. Plus, they’re incredibly bright, even in broad daylight.

Customizable Content

Aside from being the most captivating digital signage display available today, NEXNOVO’s LED digital posters are also completely customizable. Unlike traditional methods of advertising, these LED display signs can do nearly anything — they can host images with text overlay, animated graphics, videos, sponsor advertisements, seasonal specials, and more. So, who do you have to go through to get this content uploaded? No one! You own the LED display screen and are free to do with it as you please, uploading content remotely from the cloud, via WI-FI, or by inserting a USB stick drive.

With an LED digital poster sign, your business won’t fall victim to the pitfalls of traditional advertising. The message is yours to create, so feel free to be as expressive as you want, incorporating vivid graphics and videos to catch the attention of potential customers. Don’t run the risk of having customers overlook drab paper posters and bulky display signs when you can invest in a bright LED display screen and create your very own content. The possibilities are endless, so have fun with it!

Easy To Operate

Another main benefit of LED digital poster signs is that they are incredibly easy to set up and operate. Your LED display screen will arrive with all the instructions you need to set it up in your storefront window and upload content onto the screen, whether that be an image, video, or sponsor advertisement. If you have any questions while setting up your digital signage display, please feel free to contact LED Poster Signs! We pride ourselves on offering digital signage solutions for all types of businesses, and we are here to answer all your questions.

Once your LED display sign is all set up, creating and uploading content is a breeze. All you have to do is gather the content by shooting a video, creating an image advertisement, or animating graphics, then storing it in the cloud or on a USB drive. From there, you can either insert the stick drive or upload content via the cloud with the click of a button. The result? A bright LED display screen with unique content that is sure to capture your target audience.

Order A LED Digital Poster From Our Digital Signage Company

There are many other benefits of NEXNOVO’s digital poster signs, like their energy efficiency and long-lasting brightness. In fact, our LED poster signs are expected to withstand 100,000 hours of use, and many business owners get even more use out of them. Plus, we also offer warranties on our custom LED light signs, so you can rest assured that you are making a great investment for your business when you use our LED digital signage solutions.

If you are looking for more reasons to invest in an LED display sign for your business, click here to learn the specifics of our digital posters. Otherwise, be sure to check out our small, medium, and large LED display screens at LED Poster Signs! We look forward to being your trusted commercial sign company.

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